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She visited my dreams last night

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I have a dear friend. We “get” each other. I have a crush on her. She knows about it and has been kind to let me keep it going a little while. I don’t know how long this will last, though this may be more than just a crush. Dreams like this one are unusual for just standard crushes, so we’ll just have to see where it goes. But I wanted to write it down so that she could see it, too.

This is for her. I hope she likes it.

I had this dream last night where we finally got a chance to meet in person. You see, we met on Twitter. I don’t even know where she lives, other than we’re in the same time zone. Anyway, we finally meet and I take her to dinner at a nice restaurant of her choice. Sounds typical I realize, but I really appreciate the chance to talk with someone, to get to know them, what they like, what are their little idiosyncracies, that sort of thing. We stayed and talked for a few hours (hard to say how long in a dream). Then I took her back to her house. There’s no one there (she’s married with 2 kids, and everyone is out of the house – it’s a dream, give me a break). I walk her to her door, and it’s been a wonderful time together – lots of laughing, a significant amount of alcohol, but not too much – that’s something I don’t want is highly impaired judgement. She leans up to me and gives me this big kiss and hug, which I return in kind. I’m turned on but don’t usually take the initiative. However, in this case I don’t know when or if we’ll ever see each other again.

So I place both hands on her back and work my way down while we kiss. By the time our kiss ends I have firm hold on her beautiful ass. She looks at me and without saying a word unlocks the door and leads me inside. After she closes and latches the door she looks at me and I can see her pupils are dilated and there’s a definite intensity in her gaze. She grabs my hand and leads me into the living room, where we sit down on the couch. She turns and places one leg over my lap and grasps my head in her hands. She kisses me and opens her mouth, and at this moment I feel a huge electrical charge up my spine as a wave of desire overcomes me. She kisses me intensely and grinds into my leg. I can feel my penis getting very hard as we’re kissing, and all I can think about is how awesome it would be to have sex with my beautiful friend.

There are no words spoken. We’ve already talked enough. We look at each other and all we want is right there before us. She pulls down my pants and smiles at the bulge in my boxers. I unzip her dress and smile at the beautiful busty woman in front of me. She blushes and I give her a knowing smile. Then I pull her toward me and we resume intense open mouthed kissing. I work my hands down to her lace panties and reach one hand inside the front while the other grasps her ass. She’s very wet now. When my fingers reach her clit she moans and parts her legs. I know we’re going all the way now. I lay her down on the couch kiss and lick my way down her body. I undo the bra and squeeze her beautiful breasts. They are large and round, and I zoom in on the nipples, taking one in my mouth while rubbing the other with my fingers. I love making her nipples hard, and she leans back her head in appreciation.

I switch between each with my lips, tongue and fingers, then continue down her abdomen toward her panties. She reaches down and pulls them to the side, and I hungrily focus my lips and tongue on her clit. Her clit is already getting hard but I suck it into my mouth and flick it in a circular motion with my tongue. She begins lunging into my face with her hips, so I meet her pussy lips with two fingers, placing them along the wet edges and slowly pushing them inside her vagina. She’s looking down at me and I can see she wants me inside her now. My hard cock is protesting too. I smile at her and sit up. She leans up and pulls down my boxers, grasping my cock. She leans down and kisses the tip, and I’m fighting the desire to push forward. She takes the head into her mouth, licking all over the head with her tongue, and I’m in ecstasy. She takes most of my cock into her mouth, which I marvel at. I’ve never felt a blow job this good, and she’s incredible with her lips and tongue.

She looks up at me and then lays back on the couch with my cock firmly in her grasp. I lean over her and place my cock at the edge of her pussy. I very slowly push inside her, stopping and teasing her with it. She responds by thrusting up and taking my cock all the way inside her. She’s so wet that despite the tightness I slide right in. We work up to a good rhythm and I can feel her response growing and accelerating. We look into each other’s eyes and the pure desire is met with each thrust and grind, our grunting and squealing punctuating our mutual lust. I can feel her vagina muscles squeeze me and I know I won’t last much longer, and then she starts to kick into a huge orgasm, and I’m looking at her and thinking this is heaven. I explode inside her, and she’s looking up at me with those beautiful eyes and a huge smile, and I know that this is best sex I’ve ever had.

And then there’s round two…

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